At Cambridgeshire ACRE we pride ourselves on our payroll knowledge and our flexible, reliable, and confidential payroll service. Providing payroll services to small businesses and organisations of all sizes and types, our expertise spans both the public, private, and charity/not for profit sectors.

We charge an initial set-up fee which depend on the size of your organisation, After that, there is a fixed charge per payslip, with all other costs being included in the payslip fee. This charging structure makes it easy to budget for payroll costs and to work out whether outsourcing will save you money.


What’s included


  • Establish your organisation’s payroll requirements.
  • Create a database of your current staff.
  • Ensure statutory requirements are met.
  • Validate data.
  • Agree a suitable payroll run schedule.


  • Receipt of information via email – you supply data as it is generated, such as new staff details, hours worked etc.
  • Calculation of salary payments.
  • Calculation of statutory payments (e.g. sick pay and maternity pay).
  • Submission of statutory Real Time Submission to HMRC.
  • Provision of payslips for each member of staff.
  • Management reports; provision of clear and concise summaries for your records.
  • Year-end processing.
  • We are available to speak with you by phone (or email).




  • Single employee: £10.00
  • Subsequent employees: £6.00
  • A one-off set-up fee of £10 per organisation.
  • A fee of £5.70 per pay-slip.
  • A charge of £10 per organisation for year- end administration.


  • Single employee: £10.00
  • 1 – 10 employees: £6.00 each
  • Subsequent employees: £3.00 each

All prices are subject to VAT. If you have more than 20 employees, please contact us to discuss as we may be able to offer a discounted rate.


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